Crowthorne Methodist Church

150 Years of Methodism in Crowthorne

Helping people to meet with God, rejoice in and express his love

10 Dukes Ride, Crowthorne, Berkshire. RG45 6LT

150 years ago, on the 15th April 1870 (which was a Good Friday), the first Methodist Church in Crowthorne was erected on the site where our present Church now stands.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

As a Christian church, our vision is:

“To help people meet with God and to rejoice in and express his love.”

In order to attain our vision we have established 4 objectives:

  • Worship
  • Fellowship
  • Growth
  • Service

Each ministry aims to work towards achieving this vision.

Church Objectives

  • To be a place where our love for God can be joyfully expressed together through heartfelt praise and worship
  • To be a place that responds to God’s grace with love, respect, compassion, and support
  • To be a place that helps people to grow in spiritual maturity
  • To be a place where we live out the truth of the gospel by reaching out in love to our community and the world

At the Methodist Conference on 30 June 2021 a vote to change the definition of marriage was overwhelmingly passed by 254 in favour with 46 against. This means that in the Methodist Church in Britain, same sex marriages will now be permitted.

See below for the letter from the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference

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